mySestina Family Precious

mySestina Family Precious


FAMILY brings a sense of security. It has love and affection in store. The unfailing attitude to stand by each other’s side at all stages of life. We all love our families and that’s one thing that makes us as a person. We get strength, courage, love and a lot more from our families.

That’s me (author of mySestina) in the family picture with my brothers. Aren’t they all just stunning! This picture was taken in Jan 2016 in Dubai (UAE). Just looking at this picture brings smile to my face.

Let us all today take out our special family pictures and enjoy them. Let us relish and relive the moments of past. Let us pay a tribute to our families.

Happy smiling family to all my dear friends!


was it too much to ask

was it too much to ask

tell me

was it too much to ask

if I asked for just a little smile

a spark of just a little happiness in my eyes

you knew my journey till now was exhausting

you knew I was desperate for some rest

you knew enough tears I had shed

you knew your love would have strengthen me

you knew I loved you, gave my life to you

how could you be so heartless to desert me

how could you just let me die every moment

O my dear, tell me where did I fail, how did I fail

after all that I genuinely did to save our relationship

tell me my dearest

was it too much to ask

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Grow your blog with mySestina (19th Entry)

Dear All,

Please check out this wonderful site by Meenakshi Sethi. A wonderful blog with a lot of emotions! Hope you enjoy her poems…

Let’s grow together!

Cheers to Blogging and Supporting each other.