FAMILY brings a sense of security. It has love and affection in store. The unfailing attitude to stand by each other’s side at all stages of life. We all love our families and that’s one thing that makes us as a person. We get strength, courage, love and a lot more from our families.

That’s me (author of mySestina) in the family picture with my brothers. Aren’t they all just stunning! This picture was taken in Jan 2016 in Dubai (UAE). Just looking at this picture brings smile to my face.

Let us all today take out our special family pictures and enjoy them. Let us relish and relive the moments of past. Let us pay a tribute to our families.

Happy smiling family to all my dear friends!


26 thoughts on “mySestina Family Precious

      1. True my dear. I value my siblings more than life. That is the reason for me to have two children. I wanted them to have company of each other and to value sibling love all their lives.

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