The Window

The Window

the window

what it told me in the night

I shall not let you see outside

o dear mysestina

search for the answers within

and so I followed…


the window changed its stand

when it was day, bright and grand

look out my dear through the world

enough of searching within

now its time

for a perspective

broader than your own self

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Along came with fame

Along came with fame

with fame, along came much more

the glitter of pennies, a thousand followers

a house so big, tough to discover its boundaries

fancy outings, finest wine in those barrels

sexy feminine long dresses with flairs

such heavenly bags and shoes with all heels

this life i thought was worth living

didn’t i crave for it all the time

yet another dark reality that was realized

with fame, came such deep pain

it brought loneliness along with the crowd

it was killing sometimes, the applause

the glorious glory, was it worth my character?

only when i have it now, i am desperate

to be a common girl whom no one recognizes

a girl sipping her coffee in the coffee shop and no one stares

guess now i need a time machine

someone help me, i wanna travel back in time

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I woke up with Wings

I woke up with Wings

that morning as I woke up

I had wings like a fairy

white and flawless

someone whispered to me in my ears

her voice soft and mesmerizing

my eyes were still puffy from the sleep

as I rubbed them I tried to see

couldn’t see anything but a light so bright

made me feel like a feather, oh so light

the voice told me “you got it my love”

I bless you with wings, now fly like a dove

I assign you the task to spread divinity

go ahead – be an Angel

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He packed Me a Smile

He packed Me a Smile

last evening i stepped out of my house

through the narrow streets, into a busy local market

to satisfy my craving for an Indian Chinese treat

the hustle bustle of people

carrying shopping bags crossing the bazaar 

vendors calling out for customers

took me a little close to my childhood

there i found this sweet boy

selling dumplings for a price unbelievable

packed me 10 pieces for less than half a dollar

i couldn’t help but to observe him as he was packing

along with my dinner, he packed me a smile

as i paid him and started to walk back home

i turned to see him a few times

each time, to see him smiling

for every customer, packing a smile

Dust in My Eyes

Dust in My Eyes

when the dust in my eyes, through the storm

stole my vision for a few moments

it was when, i saw through the darkness

i became blind long time back

blind to the truth, to the sufferings of others

blind not to see, enormous love i received

blind to the merriment, a child’s giggles could bring

blind to the comforts i was rewarded for free

blind to the peace and resources that surround me

blind, not to discover another myself in me

i rubbed my eyes from the discomfort of the dust

promised to earn back my vision

that was held for a long time till now

by my negativity

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Would You remain Mine

Would You remain Mine

when my heart be relieved of its job

bringing the flow of red fluid to a halt

when the vision in my eyes will fail

pretty picture of your face will not reach my brain

the scent of your body will illuminate me no more

my ears would refuse to hear your gleeful laughs

when i will no more be able to taste your tongue

my sense of touch will not feel your hand on mine

i wonder about the day i shall depart

would you still love me like you do now

would you still remain mine?

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Make Me Pure

Make Me Pure

hold me close so i melt in your arms

hold me close so i breathe your scent

hold me close so there’s no air between us

hold me close so i let loose my worries

hold me close so i sleep in peace

hold me close so i hear your heart beat

hold me close so you could hear mine

hold me close so i could kiss you anytime

hold me close so i make your soul mine

hold me close for when you do

you make me pure…. you make me pure

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Technology turning Humans into Robots

Technology turning Humans into Robots


I get shivers in my spine thinking that we humans are turning into robots. We created technology for our use. To make our lives better and simpler. To keep connected with each other all the time. But the question is, how better or worse are we getting with the comforts offered to us. How well is it helping us and how it is being more powerful than us now.

Pokemon game is a huge hit in the whole world. The negative is that people are getting addictive to it. There have been many accidents reported around the world that happened due to not being able to concentrate on things around you while playing the game. People have even died. Sad!

Mobiles are very popular now a days. We have all sort of applications in our phones to help us every possible way.

  1. Application to help us know the number of steps we have walked. The question is that we are putting our brain to rest and let the machine calculate everything for us. Aren’t we trying to become dumb! Why not do the simple calculation ourselves and keep our brain refreshed and active?
  2. Application to let women know of their menstrual cycle and the most fertile days to get pregnant. Are you serious? Really? A machine will tell you when to get intimate with your partner now?
  3. Everywhere we go, we see people on their phone. Sitting right next to each other, with no human connection just checking their phones. People are so engrossed into their devices that they don’t tend to notice any sort of danger around them.

There is a movie called “HER” in which the hero falls in love with an Operating System of a computer. It is something unimaginable and horrifying for me to see those days to come.

I am not against technology or being advanced. It surely helps us achieving more and being more capable. But, I am against being completely dependent upon it. Not to use our brains even for simple calculations. Loosing the human connection and increasing our love for gadgets. I am against turning ourselves into robots and being played by the machines now.

It is indeed true if we look at it closely that earlier we directed the machines to do our work and gradually we have made them strong enough to empower us. The machines now are giving us directions. Are we not turning ourselves into Robots?

Tell me, does this scare you as well or am I thinking wrong?

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