last evening i stepped out of my house

through the narrow streets, into a busy local market

to satisfy my craving for an Indian Chinese treat

the hustle bustle of people

carrying shopping bags crossing the bazaar 

vendors calling out for customers

took me a little close to my childhood

there i found this sweet boy

selling dumplings for a price unbelievable

packed me 10 pieces for less than half a dollar

i couldn’t help but to observe him as he was packing

along with my dinner, he packed me a smile

as i paid him and started to walk back home

i turned to see him a few times

each time, to see him smiling

for every customer, packing a smile

26 thoughts on “He packed Me a Smile

      1. And that smile was his weapon of sales as it will bring back his customers or buyers. I keep talking about the wonders of giving a smile on our daily interactions no matter the odds of life that we might be experiencing. It is very heartwarming and infectious and leaves a better impression of one. 🙂

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      1. And yes, let me complete my comment now coz this stupid phone won’t let me type – The child you addressed in your writeup does seem to be enjoying his work. Which is a lesson for us all.

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      2. Yes my dear. I was so impressed by his enthusiasm and kindness at the same time. He had something about him that made me keep observing him. It was a beautiful thing to see someone enjoying what they do.. Thanks a lot for pointing that out. Great!

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