I get shivers in my spine thinking that we humans are turning into robots. We created technology for our use. To make our lives better and simpler. To keep connected with each other all the time. But the question is, how better or worse are we getting with the comforts offered to us. How well is it helping us and how it is being more powerful than us now.

Pokemon game is a huge hit in the whole world. The negative is that people are getting addictive to it. There have been many accidents reported around the world that happened due to not being able to concentrate on things around you while playing the game. People have even died. Sad!

Mobiles are very popular now a days. We have all sort of applications in our phones to help us every possible way.

  1. Application to help us know the number of steps we have walked. The question is that we are putting our brain to rest and let the machine calculate everything for us. Aren’t we trying to become dumb! Why not do the simple calculation ourselves and keep our brain refreshed and active?
  2. Application to let women know of their menstrual cycle and the most fertile days to get pregnant. Are you serious? Really? A machine will tell you when to get intimate with your partner now?
  3. Everywhere we go, we see people on their phone. Sitting right next to each other, with no human connection just checking their phones. People are so engrossed into their devices that they don’t tend to notice any sort of danger around them.

There is a movie called “HER” in which the hero falls in love with an Operating System of a computer. It is something unimaginable and horrifying for me to see those days to come.

I am not against technology or being advanced. It surely helps us achieving more and being more capable. But, I am against being completely dependent upon it. Not to use our brains even for simple calculations. Loosing the human connection and increasing our love for gadgets. I am against turning ourselves into robots and being played by the machines now.

It is indeed true if we look at it closely that earlier we directed the machines to do our work and gradually we have made them strong enough to empower us. The machines now are giving us directions. Are we not turning ourselves into Robots?

Tell me, does this scare you as well or am I thinking wrong?

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24 thoughts on “Technology turning Humans into Robots

  1. There are always two sides of everything…. We gave a heart and mind both are different , so even if we are good hearted person for many we are not…. This ours human body is an instrument the most technically advance thing how we use it depends upon us, can I call myself bad or you call yourself bad, I guess No, so technology is what we have made for making our life’s comfortable now it is for us to use it right way….

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      1. I did read what you wrote beautiful Soul, I only wanted to know if I got it correct….. We need technology to help us because we already are empowered by the mind, the thousand thoughts in it. I do read post because it helps me to learn more and it helps me to understand the other Souls better. Thank you for providing the knowledge.

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  2. Well i agree with you on the patt where we never seem to have tine for our families and friends we’re always on our phones constantly. There’s a joke my friend keep telling me and i quote”that in this generation children are not punished by being spanked or grounded their Wi-Fi is just disconnected ” which pretty much adds up to the Need for tech for our siblings and kids

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    1. True my dear. we are just loosing human connection. I always wish if I could give the kind of childhood I had to give to my kids as well. We didn’t have gadgets and we were still really happy. A group of children always playing with each other in the park or inside the house. Those were beautiful days. There was so much love around. Now, the kids are pressurized with gadgets all around them.

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      1. Yeah with the number of followers they have on Instagram i mean even ehen a kid doesn’t get a phone whrn she’s only ten years then its a big problem.

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  3. It’s interesting the view point of technology. We have the world at our finger tips yet we don’t use it to our advantage like we should be. Google Earth is incredible especially for people who don’t want to travel or if you want to go to the moon or even mars. Our brains have rewired so that when we get likes on a social media post it releases a positive chemical reaction making us crave more which just makes us a bit more conceded. I’m for technology improving our lives from medicine to solar technology. We just need to harvest technology in the right ways.

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    1. Exactly my point my dear. You have mentioned a very good point here that our brains have rewired as per the technology needs in our lives. This is how w evolve over a period of time. The only thing is that we need to make sure that it is for our good more than hurting us in any way


  4. I think the same things Zig. I remember a show of Oprah Winfrey of several years ago, in which she made people sign a contract to leave their mobiles in the back of the car if they needed to drive somewhere.
    Since then I only use it for GPS, texting and calling can wait 😉
    I agree also its about balance; That’s why I say, there is a good balance between nature and 21st century possible.

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