A paper made from wood

It was to be used sooner or later

Kept in a bundle in a shop

With it’s million friends all eager

Then someone came

And bought the bundle

It was so eager to be used

It couldn’t control its hunger

With its million friends it was kept in a drawer

 It was somewhere in between the bundle

 It would be long for its turn to come

 It had to wait so much more

Days passed, then months did

The upper papers got their chances

What would have happened with them

 It wondered and wondered until it was it’s own turn then

It was taken out by a child

Kept on a table

On it, the child was making something

It was getting tickled

When the tickling stopped,

 It saw there were colors painted on it

 Maybe the drawing was considered inappropriate,

Not so good

It had expected itself

To be a painting worth billions,

Well, it was crushed,

And thrown in the dustbin


Radha is 10 years old and she is recently started writing poems. 3 of her following poems have already been published on WordPress. 

My Shadow My Companion – by Radha

Walking in the Woods – by Radha

My Emotions – by Radha

Please encourage her!

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