Understanding the need for blogging is not very difficult once you start doing it. We tend to realize the value of blogging in our lives, once we create a blog of our own and start to publish our work. In a matter of a few days or weeks, a blogger realizes what was he/she missing when they were not blogging.

In a way, we are able to find a fantastic way to let the world be aware of our ideas. The need to be heard and to make a difference in our own lives and to influence others gets satisfied here. When people appreciate our ideas, we feel energized. It gives us mental satisfaction. Our own brain drives us towards achieving that satisfaction.

The fact is that once we start blogging, it is very difficult to stay away or missing even for a few days from our blogs. The need to read other’s posts, the need to write more and publish, makes us miss blogging when we are not doing it. It is always great to come back to the blogging world if we have to take a break from it for any reason.

I just took a day off and guess what! there are so many posts that I missed on. Makes me feel not too good, but I am trying to catch up. Please bear with me my dear fellow bloggers. I am now back and will be back in action from right now itself.

Guess, the need for blogging is just too deep inside me. Do you feel so too?

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18 thoughts on “The Need for Blogging

  1. Yes, I always return to blogging. The essay format draws me in, much more than the conversational snippets of Facebook and Twitter. I’m so happy I’ve found a group of active bloggers again through the Daily Post!

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  2. I don’t. I get tired of it pretty quickly and go on hiatuses. Blogging is pressure I don’t need in my life. I get no financial gain. And I’m working with a literary agent to get my book published so that’s a better use of my time.

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    1. Hmm, that’s absolutely fine my dear. Not all of us can find something helpful at the same time. We all have a life apart from blogging and it is really important to take care of that side first. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. I am sure there would be many people who could relate to the same.

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