all they could envision is power

the thirst for bloodshed in war

their aim to achieve the throne

aren’t they aware of their sins

yes they are…

ready to jeopardize human existence

turning them into bombs

killing humanity, leaving no place for life

love and kindness begging for mercy

those kings are fake

they are not real 

they have no heart

they are not even humans anymore

they are only – hungry politicians


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6 thoughts on “Hungry Politicians

  1. as money is related to economics, evolution is related to biology, matter and energy are related to physics, in the same way power is related to politics! Expecting ethics from politicians will be quite unfair to them.just an opinion.

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    1. not just the ethics, I guess when we trust them to run a country in favor of its people, they are expected to perform to a certain extent and to people’s advantage. All we end up seeing is the war amongst them that leads the common man to hell.. Thanks a lot for sharing your views as well.. your words make sense too, to a certain extent..

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      1. power with people is a myth, this can never happen. people believe that they chose their leaders but the fact is political parties decide their representatives and we chose among them after being bombarded with lots of ad/media/sales campaign, so are we really exercising our choice? actually it depends upon individual understanding of choice.

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      2. I guess when it comes to politics, everyone’s perspective is important. There is no right or wrong here… Everything is debatable… welcome Raj.. I am.glad to learn your thoughts.. I feel I can learn a lot from you

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