Sea Shore

Sea Shore

sea shore, o sea shore

how you welcome the waves

to make love to you a thousand times

yet to leave you again

sea shore o sea shore

how you offer your calm to someone

to live their loneliness

at the sunset, as they walk on your wet sand

sea shore o sea shore

how you beautify the setting sun

let it glow its soft rays on you

and then to leave you to the dark

sea shore o sea shore

how you mingle with the moon

to consume your serenity

to play the music of the night

then to hand you over to the dawn

sea shore o sea shore

how you enjoy being so giving

and never asking for nothing

sea shore or sea shore

please give me learning to the magic of life

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Learning & Writings

Learning & Writings

sometimes, I write what I have learnt

at times, I end up learning from my writings

sometimes, I am provoked

to write my inner self

at times, my writings

glow my soul with light..

could anything else be more interesting ever

endless process of birthing each other

both are born, both are mothers

Writings to Learning

Learning to Writings

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