Dear friends,

We all know how much we value each other.

The idea here is to show our love towards fellow bloggers.

Would you be so kind to share top 3 bloggers you have come across here on WordPress with whom you feel connected. Name them and let them know how much you care for them. It sure would be an amazing way to pay regards and spread more love around by letting each other know about it.

Leave the names and a link to their website in the comment section.

I request you to help mySestina with this mission of Empowering Bloggers Community.



48 thoughts on “Empowering Bloggers Community

    1. Absolutely wonderful. I can really understand how you feel towards all of them. It is such a fantastic thing to have developed such a beautiful relationship. Thanks a lot for spreading love around!

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      1. I am always looking for persons that I believe have a solid foundation with something to share. I would be honored if you would consider writing or sharing a piece on my blog’s Freelance Friday about this subject. It is such a kind selfless act that you choose to connect bloggers with each other. Other FF posts relate to writing/blogging. If inclined, I would post your piece on August 26th. Thanks Sestina for your consideration. Sherrie

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      2. I am truly honored for the wonderful opportunity my dear. I would love to write. Please tell me if there is a time frame for me to submit my piece? Is there a specific theme that I should write on and could I submit something that I have already published on WP.

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      3. I’m so delighted! I have had some wonderful posts by guest writers. Thank you. Theme is on writing, but I like your attitude toward the blogging community. And yes, feel free to send something you’ve posted in the past. I will link to your blog appropriately also. Hopefully drive some new viewers your way. Please email it to me at if you can. Yay networking! Again, thank you!!

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