Now, that’s – what I call Determination

Now, that’s – what I call Determination

No matter how thick is the Ice

It is bound to melt with a little Heat

Make use of the heat in you

stay determined


A letter so special from a wife to her husband.. must read

A letter so special from a wife to her husband.. must read

A very special letter from a wife to her husband.. a must read..

Dear Husband,

Now that I am away from you and on my way to a life without you, I want to take this opportunity to share something very special with you.

You know our lives together were not happy. You were always busy with your needs and never cared for our relationship. I am sure that you understand, that I tried my best to involve you with me, I always craved for those special moments with you, I wished for your love every moment and died a thousand deaths when I didn’t get your response, I did my best and tried not to complain of your behavior to you, I cried silently many nights lying right beside you and you never paid heed, I even tried telling you how lonely I was getting and asked for your help. But, I never could win you. I could never win your attention. I never could win your love.

You must be surprised to know that I am writing this letter to you to thank you. I have no complaints now. I cursed my life every moment when I was in pain and when you didn’t care at all. But today, I feel that I am a much stronger and powerful person. It is because in the last 15 years of our marriage, you have prepared me for each and every blow that life could bring on. I feel alive one again as I have left you and I am now ready to face this world at the age of 45 all by myself. I could not have done if you didn’t give me enough tests in my life when I stayed with you.

Obviously, you made my life hell, but now that I am over you, I am beyond all hardships of life.

Your wife

(who has now left you for good)

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This is what I call happiness…

Sitting in the community park with birds chirping around me. My daughter playing and running around calling out my name every now and then. Wind blowing gently to help me feel great. Squirrels coming close and then running away from me. Ants on the ground moving in a row. Sun playing hide and seek in the clouds. I am at peace, feeling relaxed.

Now this is what I call happiness!

The Magic of Challenge

The Magic of Challenge

Challenge – A Magical word indeed!

It has a deep impact on all of us in some way at all stages of our lives. Challenge must always be used to our advantage. This can happen if we take it in a positive manner.

If we observe closely, we use it everyday in our lives. It increases our capacity to handle the problem or a situation. Our brain adapts to the challenge given to us and boosts us to go for it the stronger way. i.e. Any normal day, someone goes to work in a train. He/she has to catch a train by 9 and they prepare themselves accordingly. A change in job requires them to start taking the train at 8. One hour early in the morning could be a challenge. Now, this is where we take the challenge and increase our capability to do things. When we have to accept the challenge, we go for it with double the force and achieve things which we never thought we could.

Challenge help us to raise our kids the strong way. Encouragement is another form of challenge. When our kids are not feeling confident about doing something, we push them gently and positively towards the same. This is how they accept the challenge and go for it. Small things like climbing up the ladder, learning to ride a bike, reciting a poem in front of their class, facing other kids bullying them at school etc.

I challenge myself everyday when it comes to my life. Be it the blogging part, handling kids, taking care of the household, shopping, cooking… the list shall never end.

So, my dear friends, let’s challenge ourselves positively and make the bet use of it in our lives.

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How many followers you gained in the past 7 days and How?

How many followers you gained in the past 7 days and How?

Let’s play a game..

Answer these 2 simple questions –

  1. How many new followers you gained in the past 7 days?
  2. Why do you think they followed you?

The answer to the second question will make you think and observe closely as to why people follow you, what is it that made them follow you and you can work in the direction of achieving more followers in a powerful way.

Start doing what works best for you. You are the best judge to your blog!



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My Blog is my Baby – Do you feel so?

My Blog is my Baby – Do you feel so?

My Blog is my Baby! That’s how we all feel. Isn’t it!

We are in love with our blogs, it is something we are so close to, dearly in love with. We care for our blogs the way we care for our child. And that’s why we choose to do the following:

  • We nurture it with our thoughtful posts.
  • We want to give it time to grow and learn from others.
  • We want to take our blog to the next level and finally to heights just like we would aspire for our child to grow and be successful.

There is an enormous amount of time, effort and research that’s put to build a blog. It’s true! It requires a lot of patience too. We compromise on our sleep sometimes to think or to write about something close to our hearts. Work on it sometimes, till our back starts to ache! Changed the sitting position to ease our body a little and still we didn’t stop staring at the screen. That’s the reality!!

Well, the blog too has something in store for us.

In return, it takes care of each one of us. It gives the us the pleasure of speaking our heart, it gives us all an opportunity to make ourselves heard, it gives us the satisfaction of being someone who is not lost, someone recognized, with an identity.

Together, we share the moments of success and low times. We inspire and console each other at the same time. We walk hand in hand.

That’s give and take and it builds a beautiful relationship between our blogs and us. I am sure each one of us would like to say one thing:-

“My blog is powerful and it has made ME so too”

Cheers to Blogging!!

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Why Embrace Criticism on WordPress?

Why Embrace Criticism on WordPress?

We can not expect everyone to understand and agree with our view points and hence criticism is obvious at each step of our lives. What does criticism do to us in the blogging world is completely in our own hands.

We publish here on WordPress and people come back with their valuable comments and suggestions. Now, the same could be in agreement or disagreement.

We could choose to let the criticism destroy our good mood or we could choose to have a debate and try to explain our point to get the other person thinking. Giving a few examples to support our thoughts is always helpful. There is still no guarantee that the other person will get impressed, which is absolutely fine and must be taken in a healthy manner. We must be open to understand the other person’s point of view as well.

Now that was healthy criticism. There is another form of criticism that many of us may have faced here on WordPress. This is something that does not allow you to debate or do anything about it. Frankly speaking, I fail to understand this kind.

I will give you a live example. There is someone who has been commenting on my posts in an unacceptable way. Saying filthy things which are completely out of the context. This person has even gone to an extent to create a website with a name similar to mine (mySestina) and has been commenting bad things. He/She has also commented through other names and I know it is the same person as I have the IP address for their computer.

The question is whether do I get affected by such behavior? Well, my answer is NO. I simply choose to not respond to such comments as I don’t believe in killing my good self for someone who doesn’t even understand their own purpose. They are simply wasting their time to upset others rather than utilizing it for their own good. I personally feel that they don’t even deserve my attention and time.

Hence, whether is criticism is healthy or not, we must choose to not let it disturb us in any way. We must remain calm in both the cases and should embrace the same to become a better person. It obviously makes us a person with a better control over our emotions!

How do you feel? I welcome you all to share your views on criticism.

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