A very special letter from a wife to her husband.. a must read..

Dear Husband,

Now that I am away from you and on my way to a life without you, I want to take this opportunity to share something very special with you.

You know our lives together were not happy. You were always busy with your needs and never cared for our relationship. I am sure that you understand, that I tried my best to involve you with me, I always craved for those special moments with you, I wished for your love every moment and died a thousand deaths when I didn’t get your response, I did my best and tried not to complain of your behavior to you, I cried silently many nights lying right beside you and you never paid heed, I even tried telling you how lonely I was getting and asked for your help. But, I never could win you. I could never win your attention. I never could win your love.

You must be surprised to know that I am writing this letter to you to thank you. I have no complaints now. I cursed my life every moment when I was in pain and when you didn’t care at all. But today, I feel that I am a much stronger and powerful person. It is because in the last 15 years of our marriage, you have prepared me for each and every blow that life could bring on. I feel alive one again as I have left you and I am now ready to face this world at the age of 45 all by myself. I could not have done if you didn’t give me enough tests in my life when I stayed with you.

Obviously, you made my life hell, but now that I am over you, I am beyond all hardships of life.

Your wife

(who has now left you for good)

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12 thoughts on “A letter so special from a wife to her husband.. must read

      1. I thank you for sharing 🙂 Every woman has got to read it, whether to understand a toxic relationship and realize what would be the best to do. Whether to be prepared in case happens to face such situation, or whether to feel grateful and appreciative when the one by your side loves you, respects and supports you.

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  1. Aw.. this is heart wrenching.. But we cant deny, it’s a common problem these days.. You cant stay with him, you can’t stay without him.. This isn’t a beautiful letter but really a shocking one..

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    1. it surely is shocking.. hides the pain of a lot of people in it.. it could be the husband who may be suffering or the wife.. but after a certain point it becomes impossible to stay with the one who doesn’t love you..

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