This is what I call happiness…

Sitting in the community park with birds chirping around me. My daughter playing and running around calling out my name every now and then. Wind blowing gently to help me feel great. Squirrels coming close and then running away from me. Ants on the ground moving in a row. Sun playing hide and seek in the clouds. I am at peace, feeling relaxed.

Now this is what I call happiness!

27 thoughts on “This is what I call happiness…

      1. Hav been to delhi once,there is one beautiful jain temple and it feels like u went back in time,so beautiful,there photography is not allowed.

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      2. It was was a bit far from delhi I guess and got a chance even to visit Rashtrapati bhavan,roads are so clean and wide and shopping places also great,should come agn 🙂

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  1. Happiness indeed! This takes me to the future, envisioning my daughter in a few years and a lovely play date at the park. You captured a peaceful moment so perfectly. I love this.


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