They don’t allow me Peace

They don’t allow me peace

I have done nothing to harm

I have given myself selflessly

Nothing that I ask for

For all this trouble, so many arguments

I wonder sometimes 

If I am better alone

I better should find some peace 

In my loneliness




31 thoughts on “They don’t allow me Peace

    1. You are right but there are many factors in life that play a large role in snatching our peace.. I am trying, I am trying hard Pawan.. Thanks a lot for your support


      1. I know you are brave, I trust you are strong, I trust you are trying but wait……watch again when you say many factors……..who is creating them,see in your mind.

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      2. You are way much stringer than me. I have been strong, very strong till date.. but there are times when I too start feeling like I am becoming weak.. I wish to stay calm and strong..


      3. don’t wish……see inside you are already strong,you are already brave……and no I am not more stronger then anyone we are all energy all we need is to see what level at we are……make your inner self strive to be brave just don’t try making your mind or body brave.

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      4. don’t ever think you are alone suffering there are many ,there is me who is suffering…but will it help the humanity……no,therefore as we are one it is our duty to be so positive that we send only love accepting the suffering ,we need to accept I create suffering.,,,not trying to be hard but you matter thus I say.

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      5. you are always welcome from deep core of this heart I carry……..I see myself in all and all I see in myself.
        relax,close your eyes,see the inner you,try to smile and feel abundance…say I am brave,say I am strong,say I am peace.

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  1. Sometime Zigyasa, I find it necessary to retreat into myself – I find it’s mostly peaceful 😉 – and I am able to come to terms with whatever is bothering me, if I can see it on my own terms and then deal with it in the ‘real’ world. Nicely written piece. Take care, with metta, Andy

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