We all want to see our blogs growing. More readers, more followers, more likes and a lot of traffic. Most of us love blogging, that’s why we are here. We start to enjoy the blogging world and in a way our blog becomes really precious to us, as if it is our baby. But, a baby needs to be nurtured properly to grow and to be good at the things he or she needs to learn.

Now, how do we nurture our baby blog to make it a successful big blog?

The answer is very simple.. by following good and smart practices. Let me point out a few here with respect to making use of the Community Pool and Daily Prompt Post by WordPress 

  1. Make use of the Community Pool’s post every Monday.
  2. Leave your link in the comments section and a brief description of your site.
  3. Publish your best post right after leaving a comment on Community Pool’s post to let people take interest in your blog and are encouraged to follow you.
  4. Go through the comments of other bloggers there and invite them to your blog.
  5. Follow their sites as per your interest, try to read their posts and leave comments to show your dedication.
  6. Try to make use of the Daily Prompt post everyday. Write a post with respect to the prompt and link it to the Daily Prompt site. This could attract a lot of readers to your site.
  7. Try to keep the title to your post very interesting to gain immediate attention.
  8. Being positive is the key. Stay connected and support others in order to receive their support.

Hope this helps! I wish you all a lot of contentment with respect to your blogging experience.


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34 thoughts on “Nurture your Blog – the smart way

    1. Great going my dear… I have taken a lot of advantage of the same and I really feel that everyone must make use of the same. Especially when we are new into the blogging world, it helps a lot!!

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    1. Your welcome my dear.. I am passionate about supporting everyone around. It helps me as well to grow and to build beautiful relationships with amazing people like you. Cheers my dear Christa.. You have always been very kind to me.

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    1. Hey Vincent.. actually, I came across a few bloggers who seem to be struggling to get readers on their blogs. I could see my struggle through their words when I started blogging almost 4.5 months back. It could be disheartening to not get people to read what you have written. Hence, I thought of creating and writing something to inspire them. I really worked hard to get mySestina to this point. I thought of making use of 700 plus followers to help everyone around. I wrote my own experiences in the blogging related posts and tried to inspire people to keep doing what they were doing and not lose heart. Then I created blogger’s pool where I could make them to connect with each other. I wrote tips out of my own experience which could help to increase readership. Believe me, for me blogging is very precious and I feel emotionally attached to my blog. And I saw most people being that way. I have learnt that supporting each other could be a win win situation for all of us and that’s what I am trying to do through my blogging related posts. I always enjoy your thoughtful comments on my posts and I love reading your posts very much. Thanks a lot, your kind attention means a lot to me.

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