I am confused.. this is sort of a happy confusion rather..

Am I depressed or am I inspired?.. I guess I have learnt a way and it is absolutely magical!

I have seen my depression giving birth to my inspiration. Every time I felt low, it inspired me to write about something positive. The pain urged me to find out a way to convert itself into happiness. And that’s what I did. I tried to inspire myself and everyone around to be kind, supportive and stay connected with each other through my posts on WordPress.

The Blogging Series that I published recently is also a product of me fighting with depression. Following is the list of all the blogging series posts for which I received phenomenal response –

  1. mySestina’s Blogging Secrets
  2. My Blog is my baby – do you feel so
  3. A Mission to help the Bloggers
  4. From My Blog to Our Blogs
  5. 10 ways Blogging has changed us
  6. Love Blogging to live it
  7. Participate in mySestina Blog Survey
  8. Take Blogging to the Next Level
  9. Want more followers? Are you treating the existing ones well?
  10. Feeling Inspired or Jealous of other bloggers
  11. Wow Benefits of Blogging
  12. Why Embrace criticism on WordPress
  13. Empowering Bloggers Community

Every time I defeated my depression by writing an inspirational post. Your support made me write more to spread the positive energy around and to get help from it and at the same time helping others.

I guess, I won… and you helped me with the same. I made my depression to work the best possible way for me.

Fantastic! Isn’t it?


30 thoughts on “I used my Depression to Inspire me

  1. I believe that for writers to convey a certain message they must first understand how that feels. You definitely inspire me to become a better blogger. Your writing is impeccable. One day I’ll be as successful as you.

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    1. I certainly used it as a weapon and make it to help me feel empowered. I hence came with a mission to support my fellow bloggers and spread kindness around. Turning negative into positive was the the idea and believe me – it was a hit. And my dear, We are all good and successful for we have each other… No one is more or less here and the best part is our togetherness… Loads of love to you…

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    1. Yes my dear.. I guess we humans are smart enough to find ways to put all our pain to our advantage. I hope you are successful in doing so too. All the best and have a great weak ahead! Thank you so much for reading.

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    1. And I thank you for your support. All my fellow bloggers helped me to fight the same by giving me a tremendous response. All my posts during that depressing period were much appreciated. This tells me how I could defeat depression by spreading positivity around.

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  2. Thanks Zigyasa 🙂 I find this place (wordpress) very comforting at times and yes, the dark times in our lives can often spew forth some exciting writing. Take care dear friend – kind regards, Andy

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  3. Very true. i Often feel most inspired when I’m down. Started trying to get depressed everytime I wanted to write, until I found out was easy to enter, but not so easy to leave

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  4. I heard that it is usually the creative people who would experience Depression and put the pain that they went through to their writings. I am sure that Depression has produced the best writings for you as well as for myself. Writing it all down and making it vulnerable made it all seems real.

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  5. You are a incredible person with a very lovely heart gentle soul beautiful mind. Your creative posts always are a pleasure to read. Just know that with every smile you give me with your beautiful posts. I pray you have many smiles inside my dear friend you’re special. You may have to fight depression but remember there are so many great things about you. I wish you well a big warm hug kisses and blessings to you my wonderful friend.

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    1. You have made my day. I am blessed to have your love and gentle wishes my dear. Only a beautiful soul can be so kind and warm. Loads of love to you my dear. You are beautiful in every way. I feel inspired and great reading your posts always. You have the will and capacity to show light to others.

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  6. That, my friend, is the power of positive thinking! You are mastering the art of turning negative into positive. Great job. Very inspirational! ☺

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    1. Hey, thanks a lot my dear. You know my fellow blogger’s comments and support made me come out of it and convert the same to my use and to inspire myself and others as well. Such a fantastic thing to be a part of a beautiful community..


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