if only they had discovered a magical sphere

with a little space to fit me in

I would fasten all my seat belts carefully

for a journey to be traveled to pure my soul

to beat the light for its unbeatable speed

Yes, I would travel Back in Time

I would amend all the wrongs I have done

I would un- break the heart that I broke once

I would stop those ugly words in my throat

words that separated her from me

I would kiss her, caress her and just not stop

I am worthy of her blame

I didn’t do it when I had the chance

I would tell her, I love her a zillion times

I didn’t say it when she craved for those words

I would do everything to undo the hurt

wouldn’t let her cry those precious tears

would hold her tight, not let her go

would soothe her anxiety, soothe her soul

only if they had discovered a magical sphere

that could make me travel, back in time

I would rush to her, wouldn’t make any delay

to bring her back, to make her mine

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17 thoughts on “to make her mine

      1. Just appreciation of your words!
        I am as much a fan of your work.
        And I’m a newbie here. So, I guess it’ll be the other way round on learning

        Liked by 1 person

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