did I plan to suffer

no I didn’t

did I make friends with pain

no I didn’t

did I tell my eyes to cry

no I didn’t

did I ask you to be mine

yes, I did

& you said ‘No’


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#poetry #heartbreak

14 thoughts on “Did I ?

  1. nobody chooses pain or nobody chooses tears
    it is that somebody who doesn’t choose us
    causes all the suffering
    you are the only one and you will not be the only one
    things change times change
    and beautiful people come
    who will one day choose people like us
    and instead of tears it will be smiles
    and instead of pain life will be full of love
    all we need is to remain happy so that our smile
    attracts the one who likes our smile


    1. You are right in saying so Pawan.. The only thing is that pain sometimes is so deep that we tend to not notice the words of wisdom. This comment also was lying in spam folder.. Gosh! and there are so many more


      1. words are of no good believe me…they never are handy because mant things we do is in with unconscious mind….so we first need to accept the pain,embrace it,nourish it,understand it and then let go and move to face,see,accept other things ….*smiles*

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