Wise enough, he made friends with Wisdom

Quick enough, he took his steps to beat time

Young enough, he had energy unmatched

Smart enough, he spoke his words with care

Bright enough, he had the light within

he was everything, to have lead the world

never stopped, to build his ship of dreams

tireless efforts, those sleepless nights

never failed to sew the wings he would fly with

yet, in the end

it plunged into his back

scattered all that he had gathered

piercing his dreams, hit him in the face

could it be more cruel – the Fork of his Fate

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#poetry #fate

8 thoughts on “Fork of his Fate

  1. Funny, this one reminded me of someone who works their whole life, and doesn’t realize that they are only working, and not actually making relationships…life passes them by in a blur and then they are old and lonely and forlorn because they are too old to work any longer, and haven’t developed any other interests in their lives…they have nothing to talk about to others and don’t know how to relate to them except in the role of a working person. Very sad.

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