they decided not to listen to me

ignored my presence cruelly

I was told

I wasn’t worthy of any attention

must I say, it was a setback

brought me the days blue

many nights unusually dark

but, was I to stay so forever?

the good in me introduced me to hope

about them, I didn’t care anymore

amazingly I started to develop feathers

my aspirations gradually turned them to wings

I took my time to learn to fly

THEY were furious to see me in the sky

yet, they could do me no harm then

for I wasn’t wanting them to be my audience

I followed the path that made me believe in me

I followed the hope that gave me beauty

today, as I stood to make my speech

all of them gathered to give me honor

it didn’t matter anymore if anyone would listen

I had discovered a way much better

I started listening to my own self

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#poetry #selfconfidence #inspiration

23 thoughts on “I started listening to my own self

  1. That’s right, many a dream has been stopped by nay sayers who tell people that they cannot do it! Trying and failing is usually a more satisfying option than never trying at all. Though some dreams should be given up at times and exchanged for another one!

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  2. Zigyasa ,this is something I relate to in a very intense way ,if you have gone through my post ” the gurl who walked in..”.you must have known that something similar happend to me ,i came across ignorance ,made to feel not worthy of attention by my own people .But somehow I managed with to lean on to myself 🙂

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