staring down through the depth of the building

She sat on the top most floor

her situation unfathomable

incapable to consider any solutions

she felt all her power evaporating

her legs trembled, felt empty

shiver ran through her spine

as she struggled to decide

to jump, or not to jump

and she did

but on the other side

to live


image source : google

25 thoughts on “To jump or not to jump

  1. Both a risk, as delineated by you prose. I wish many more had the wherewithal to choose the risk of living. Lovely post, I hope that was not you on the real roof there (photo), not the poetic roof.

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  2. She could be the brokenhearted girl from my Haiku. Lol!
    Good thing she changed her mind…At least this one’s a happy ending. 🙂

    Now seriously, this is very written-poem…Finding that one hope that kept her alive and the courage to believe in that hope.

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  3. Not to jump! A single minute can turn anyone’s life around. This world has a lot of surprises. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Always. All it takes is for you to open your eyes to see the light. Never close your eyes and accept the darkness! 🙂 I like this poem because many people are in situations like this.

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