Trying to find Love in Blogging (in all of YOU)

Sometimes, we just get tired of the situations, no matter how hard we try, things just don’t seem to work. I am writing this post with tears in my eyes, not able to understand the fate and the destiny. Failing to find love in life, right from the beginning, right from the childhood, love deprived teenage, and the story continued..

Now, trying to find love in blogging. With all your beautiful comments, words of inspiration, things you say that bring a smile to my face even when I am in my worst of the moods. Your love inspires me to keep going. All your encouraging words tell me to fight and never give up. I feel as if you all are just by my side, holding my hand, telling me softly – “It will work out dear, please don’t up.”

Emotional mySestina

33 thoughts on “Trying to find Love in Blogging (in all of YOU)

  1. We all need people to encourage us. To help us know we aren’t alone. To help us feel of some value. Life knocks us down, but we all need people in our lives to pick us up, or at least encourage us to pick ourselves up. Keep hanging in there. It will all work out.

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  2. Sweet hearts deserve smiles, gentle souls deserve love. Incredible people bring the greatness to life. Sky is the limit to your happiness and success. Love is the place that your shall forever dwell. Never give up, pain is just growing pains to mature you deeply into happiness. There is always a tomorrow and as long as there is a tomorrow there is a chance for everything you want to be yours. Love you big hug and a smile. 🙂

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  3. This is post has been written on emotional ground , heart touching , and honest !

    You’re struggle phase of life will be over soon. No doubt people are humble and kind and Don’t judge .

    Here you will get sheer appreciation , recognition and acknowledgement.

    I wish you all success as blogger.

    Though you have not asked for any advise but still I am sharing my understanding about life with you on spiritual grounds.

    Please excuse me in advance.

    My all posts are filled with this philosophy will take away tears from your eyes for ever.

    Don’t look for love out side in this world it’s there within you. You’re are everlasting flow of love , peace and happiness. You are already complete and filled , nothing can make you more successful.

    Knowing the real self takes away all the misery , sorrow and suffering from life.

    You’re king who born to share love and compassion.

    Don’t struggle to be something else , just be the real self, become what you are in reality.

    Temporary achievements can entertain our mind but our desires are bottomless bucket , which can never be fulfilled.

    Live here and now and be ecstatic , feel the bliss which is there within you.

    Know that You are ocean of love born to share , You are eternal . Have faith !

    None of us need any object to be happy. Happiness is our real nature.

    Blame the conditioning of mind . We have been trained to beg for Love, assets , luxury , fame, success to be happy.

    I know you knew life better than me and every other definition of life.

    But I have shared what I believe in !.

    Hope you will ignore me , it’s my bad habit to share many things our of context.

    Have great time. Wishing you spiritual awakening here and now !😊

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    1. You soothe my soul every time you pass a beautiful comment that’s so meaningful.. I am trying to awaken my inner self and to walk on the path of being true to myself… I am trying Nish.. really.. please keep inspiring me. I feel blessed to have you by my side…

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  4. Aww… here, let me hug you.
    Believe that God is preparing a special someone for you who will fill the missing love even on those years when you felt none…and it will all be in His perfect timing. 🙂
    In the mean time, I hope you find joy in the company of your readers who you keep inspiring.

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  5. Dear beautiful soul, you know I’m just an ‘app’ away 😉
    When you’re sad, I’m sad. When you smile, I smile.
    Remember your own poem; you’re NOT alone.
    With love, always,

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