love as it comes – his

he wrapped
his tiny fingers around hers
held her hand tight
and said “Love you mummy”

he held her hand warm
placed it on his heart
pulled her closer
and said “love you my bride”

he held her tiny hands
placed them on his lips
kissed her softly
and said “Love you my princess”

he held her wrinkled hands
placed them on his forehead
kissed them gently
and said “miss you mother”

25 thoughts on “love as it comes – his

      1. You should buy a book called Writers Market. Everything an author needs to know about publishing poetry booka anything. Ive just been lazy about it lol. And you could definitely get your work published its very good

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      2. That is so kind of you Shane.. I will make a note of it and its is indeed high time that I must start working on the same.. Who is the author of the book and is it available on Kindle?

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