music of his kind

as i entrusted him

with the guitar of my heart

as i entrusted him

to play the flute of my emotions

he ended up playing

the music of his kind

it was the music he only liked

on which i ended up dancing

all my life


21 thoughts on “music of his kind

      1. really ? I was wondering why your posts didn’t appear on my feed then this morning I found out I have unfollowed you which I have no clue when it happened so followed back. thanks a lot

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      2. That happens sometimes.. I just read your recent post saints and sinners… Makes me really angry to think of such stupid practices being followed and forced by the most stupid people.. Being a woman, I understand that “breasts” are the most pious part of a woman’s body and according to me, it is cruel to force women not to cover themselves..


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