my earthen piggy bank

the time presents itself to me

promised to reward yet another blow

so dearly i treasured them till now

all my pennies are ready to go

abandoning me of their hold

loosening me of the comfort

to offer bread to my children

there –

my earthen piggy bank just hit the ground

oh so dear are those broken pieces to me

i gather the pennies in my hand

soon to be freed of my possession

then –

the broken piggy bank stares at me

its eyes dull yet hopeful as they said to me

i loved containing those pennies in me

utilize their worth for you have to, today

and tomorrow, you must promise to fix me

for i desire those pennies to be mine once again

i crave for them to fill me


3 thoughts on “my earthen piggy bank

  1. I liked this, always felt saddened by the thought of the poor broken bank, prefer the ones with the rubber stopper in the bottom that you can remove without harming the bank. My grandparents used to have all kinds of glassware banks filled with assorted change when I was a kid. Grandma would use a butter knife in the top and turn it upside down to get the change back out without breaking it.

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