52 thoughts on “when no one believed in me – I did

  1. Knowing ourselves is the greatest achievement – the dark and light sides of us. Learning to love , may be a bit more, the dark side, understanding it, is another step forward. Love self, respect self. Give space to self. one must know this as the basic education to survive here. coz the world’s face itself is unfairness. loved the message in this poem and it is beautiful.

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      1. Well, it seems we can be each other’s cheerleaders. Why not? The world needs more cheerleaders, and the honest ones, not the annoying ones who wear those stupid outfits and scream in high-pitched voices. Those really piss me off.

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      1. Yeah, really. Our jobs kill us. Don’t get me wrong. I love my job. I deal with people and do my job however I want for the most part, butttt I don’t get to write or draw very much in it.

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