Learnings & Writings

Learnings & Writings

sometimes I write, what I have learnt

at times I learn, from my writings…

sometimes I am provoked

to write my inner self

at times my writings

glow my inner self with light..

could anything be more interesting ever

endless process of birthing each other

both are born, both are mothers

Writings to Learnings

Learnings to Writings

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writings are forever

writings are forever

do I write to please me

or I write to teach me…

I guess both

is it my pain I express when I write

or is it pleasure that’s I am after

I guess both

my imagination, does it fly as I sit to write

or does it stay on the ground under my feet

I guess both

my writings, do they tickle me softly

or they push me through a storm

I guess both

am I feeble, vulnerable in my poems

or am I inspired to lead the world

I guess both

as I am starting to imagine my writing experience

I realize, the list is unending

a lifetime be less, to list it all on paper

for my writings, my experiences

have no limitations

I am rich, jubilant, a conqueror

my writings are my blood 

that flows through me

I am ultimate, a survivor

for I choose to write

until I close my eyes

never to blink them again

my writings are forever

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a follower a leader

a follower a leader

many a times, I led the way

they followed me, made me a leader

was I ever complete without them

I too follow them for their goodness

they read me, they follow me

I enjoy them, I follow them

followers are not followers anymore

leaders are not just leaders

how we both complete each other

following and leading at the same time

making us all equal

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they came to see me dead

they came to see me dead

lying in the coffin peacefully

I saw myself, my eyes closed

there were people around my body

sobbing, teary eyes

few of them I knew

they were silent, crying in their hearts

many others, I didn’t know them at all

I wondered, why were they even there

they never were there when I was alive

they never were there when I were in need

they never were there when i was dying, calling them

what brought them here today when I am dead

I am no more there to talk to them

I am no more there to share a smile

I am no more there to be held

seeing their fake tears on my funeral

I knew they just pretended to be sad

I now realize why they came today

they never wanted to be accused of their heartlessness

they never were happy to see me alive

today,for them was a day to celebrate

so they came to see me dead

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a blank stare so brief

a blank stare so brief


deep inside the womb

her eyes still dreaming

then came the time

to see the world

took her courage immense

to push through a tiny passage

her soft fleshy head

and then came the moment 

her cries announced her arrival to the  world

puffy little eyes were still shut

wondering where she was

as she felt the softness of a kiss

divine on her forehead

slowly she opened her tiny eyes

confirming her mother’s presence

with a blank stare so brief

she smiled a little

then closed her eyes again

to dream

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a little Magic

a little Magic

when my vision got blurred

my eyes couldn’t show me the path ahead

I opened my heart, embraced its will

a little magic happened

& I was on top of this world

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I was the host – my guest was a Ghost

I was the host – my guest was a Ghost

on a dull evening

I decided to tease my loneliness

so I called for a get together

no one else accepted my invitation

except for him

that evening when I was the host

my only guest was a white faced ghost

the ghost was generous to pay me a visit

to sit with me, talk a little bit

we shared a strange congeniality

somehow it worried me occassionally

the evening started to graduate to night

white color on his face had started to vanish

I struggled to see through the darkness

trying to feed my anxiety, moved a little closer

my eye refused to believe what they witnessed

left spellbound, not even a word I could utter

towards him as I pointed my finger

shocked to witness the face behind the Ghost’s

it was me, siting in front of me

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An unending show of Circus

An unending show of Circus


a child – thrilled

with the glory of magicians and jugglers

tricked by the tricksters 

laughed at the funny ways of the clown

scared by the presence of a tiger around

astounded by the courage

of the man disciplining the big cat

amazed to see the enormous size of an elephant

seeing the bright colors of the birds performing

enjoying many moments

eyes filled with excitement

his heart raced many a times

laughed merrily during the show

even felt sad for a few reasons

could he ever imagine

the enjoyable show he was watching today

to turn into a tough reality tomorrow

did he realize his own life

to turn into an unending show of circus 

in just a few more years

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from a little Height

from a little Height

on the top of the mountain

as I stood and looked down

the city didn’t look the same to me

to my wonderment, it seemed another

thousands of dim lights twinkled at me

never thought it would look so different

from a distance, from a little height

all those people walked in union

the markets didn’t seem conjested anymore

the cars running, injecting life into the roads

the stunning map view of the city

made it look flawless, somehow a little fresh

I couldn’t see no hunger, no poverty

there didn’t seem to be any dirt on the streets

kids laughing, racing to catch a kite

how I felt the lost zeal coming to life

I thought to myself

the city isn’t as dull as I thought it was

it’s still full of charm that needs to be discovered

I still could find happiness there, had I endeavoured

today, I realize the lost beauty of the city

may be because I am looking at it

from a distance, from a little height

I am watching the city

from the top of the mountain

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his silence – i waited

his silence – i waited


his silence continued….

made me wait for long
i had nothing but hope
as he failed me….
but so
it couldn’t be forever
my soul craved for life
i moved on….

there! i see him again
on his knees
with a face, sure was sorry

i couldn’t do much about
it was over….
my wait – back long

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Child is the King

Child is the King

hungry  for power, seeking fame

everywhere with everyone

isn’t it the same game

those who got plenty, get to learn

the secret, to our existence

and hence, they begin their search

to happiness, to contentment

to learn and to relish

the simple joys of life

in the end

they all begin to realize

the one who has it all

inside us, hiding, sleeping

as we shake ourselves

to wake her up

it is the child in us who holds the key

to happiness within & around to see

it is she who holds the power eternal

none of the presidents, no politicians

not you, not me

it is only the child

who is the King

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hope in pain keeps me alive

hope in pain keeps me alive


a butterfly curious
asked the flower
o my dear, would you tell me
does it hurt
to give away your nectar
does it hurt
when I fly away from you

the flower blushed, replied
o my pretty lady
my colors glow
when you touch me
i am sweeter
when you taste my nectar

you flying away makes me dream
leaves me a hope
that you shall come back
that you will touch me again

my dark side

my dark side

darkness of the night
lit my mind
made me realize
things about me
there are a few
confessions to be made
there is also
a dark side to me

my dark side has my sadness
my sadness leads to anger
my anger gives a boost
disgust then grows stronger

the pain is too much to handle
when my fears show up
with a need to go beyond the dark
i tell myself to grow up

the brighter side in me then
enlightens my way
i choose to start afresh
with the shining light of the day

embracing my wrinkles

embracing my wrinkles

embracing my wrinkles
fine lines around these eyes
took a lifetime
to earn

for them
am adept
my manner sophisticated
for them
am wise

power lies in me
to what these wrinkles suggest

a little of my age
or many of my triumphs

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he said

he said


he said

don’t talk
she never uttered a word

he said

don’t expect
she never asked him a thing

he said

don’t follow
she never took another step


he said

don’t love
& she broke
into a million pieces

celebrate tears

celebrate tears

Yes I cry , sometimes I do

it sure

doesn’t make me weak

yes I cry, from happiness too


I need a break

these tears

give me the power

to flush my sorrows, hatred & pain

I forgive, forget, gather back myself

start to walk

my path again

my fear – through the path of life

my fear – through the path of life


the path of life
has made me worth
has made me wise
falls were many
scarce was delight
at times it got too much
was just about to give up
in that moment
I gave myself an advice
there’s no fun in failing
so I stood up to fight
my biggest fall ever
made me rise
rise enough
to reach new heights
for there’s one thing
I left behind forever
my fear

I am in Love

I am in Love


my heart a little drunk
soul flying high
with no reason I smile
guess I’m in love

pretty as you are
my words fail to admire
for if I do the way proper
you will learn

with you I’m in love

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the more of you in me

the more of you in me

the more I see you
the more I need you

the more I need you
the more I want you

the more I want you
the more I need to hold you

hold you in my arms
hold you in my breath
hold you in my eyes
hold you in my thoughts
hold you in my dreams
hold you in my desire

the more I hold you
the more I fall
in love with you


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two souls

two souls

two souls
lying hand in hand
under the sky
stars twinkle above
melting them
in glitter

two souls
at the adventure hidden
that future holds
in store

two souls
to imagine
their lives
as it may come
as charming as
the sky above

the way you belong to me

the way you belong to me


it’s exceptional
the way
you belong to me

your touch
I sense
your fragrance
I imbibe
your dreams
I perceive
your tears
I cry

your pleasure
pleasures me

could I ever be
without you
or you without me

yes, it is exceptional
the way
you belong to me