deep inside the womb

her eyes still dreaming

then came the time

to see the world

took her courage immense

to push through a tiny passage

her soft fleshy head

and then came the moment 

her cries announced her arrival to the  world

puffy little eyes were still shut

wondering where she was

as she felt the softness of a kiss

divine on her forehead

slowly she opened her tiny eyes

confirming her mother’s presence

with a blank stare so brief

she smiled a little

then closed her eyes again

to dream

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39 thoughts on “a blank stare so brief

  1. Wonderful! This made remember a special time that I had five times, and why I had that moment five times. all their own stories. beautifully written

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  2. I can only imagine these moments. You brought them for life for me.
    ‘confirming her mother’s presence
    with a blank stare..’ – lovely lines
    End was even better, hopes and dreams.

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