on a dull evening

I decided to tease my loneliness

so I called for a get together

no one else accepted my invitation

except for him

that evening when I was the host

my only guest was a white faced ghost

the ghost was generous to pay me a visit

to sit with me, talk a little bit

we shared a strange congeniality

somehow it worried me occassionally

the evening started to graduate to night

white color on his face had started to vanish

I struggled to see through the darkness

trying to feed my anxiety, moved a little closer

my eye refused to believe what they witnessed

left spellbound, not even a word I could utter

towards him as I pointed my finger

shocked to witness the face behind the Ghost’s

it was me, siting in front of me

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59 thoughts on “I was the host – my guest was a Ghost

      1. I did, very much…yes, if we spent more time reflecting in solace, about the world around us and our place in it, I believe we would benefit greatly from it.

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      2. As it is mine 🙂 It is always great to connect with others and this has, truly, been a blessing this morning. Thank you for entertaining my words; it has brought extra light to a dull day

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  1. Your style is unique to say the least!
    Could it be … you needed some sleep?
    I sometimes dose ( doze? ) off and in my dreams I write such poems … only when I wake up … they are gone … so I come back and read yours! They’re a lot lot better anyway, ( apert from when I take those tablets ( pain killers ) that the doctor prescibed me lately … then my poems are also pink!
    Just joking .. your simply fabulous! 😉

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      1. I like to think myself as a serious kind of person … I am weak when it comes to pain … so I take pain killers … nothing that the doctor doesn’t prescribe though. Thanks for worrying … I become a baby when it comes to suffering! I can’t immagine all that pain a woman goes through just because .she is a woman. Chapeau! …

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      2. Men who cry are even stronger.. it is because tears are not a sign of weakness, they are the sign of your capability to let your pain let out without letting it being turned into rage or anger…

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