darkness of the night
lit my mind
made me realize
things about me
there are a few
confessions to be made
there is also
a dark side to me

my dark side has my sadness
my sadness leads to anger
my anger gives a boost
disgust then grows stronger

the pain is too much to handle
when my fears show up
with a need to go beyond the dark
i tell myself to grow up

the brighter side in me then
enlightens my way
i choose to start afresh
with the shining light of the day

14 thoughts on “my dark side

  1. Dark is background for light to evolve, sometimes pain and frustration takes you to the world where you see the glow of thousand Suns and hundred moons are illuminating together.

    You arrived at destination where you become sheer light and illuminate with your own source.

    Light herself never scare with darkness both understand each other they co exist , become very reason for each other survival.

    I would Love to see that pain in everybody life which takes away misery of self but can take away the sorrow from others life.

    Beautiful poem indeed. Wishing you to be sheer trueself being.

    Good morning, hope you are doing fine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good morning Nish.. I am glad to see your beautiful and elaborate comment here. You always explain the true emotion behind the poem well. And it is beautiful the way you always throw light on the path of life that we all must follow to be our true selves.

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