lying in the coffin peacefully

I saw myself, my eyes closed

there were people around my body

sobbing, teary eyes

few of them I knew

they were silent, crying in their hearts

many others, I didn’t know them at all

I wondered, why were they even there

they never were there when I was alive

they never were there when I were in need

they never were there when i was dying, calling them

what brought them here today when I am dead

I am no more there to talk to them

I am no more there to share a smile

I am no more there to be held

seeing their fake tears on my funeral

I knew they just pretended to be sad

I now realize why they came today

they never wanted to be accused of their heartlessness

they never were happy to see me alive

today,for them was a day to celebrate

so they came to see me dead

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13 thoughts on “they came to see me dead

  1. Gandi baat. How true and believe me I was going to post almost a similar verses today but postponed This world is materialist Zigyasa

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  2. I just read this post at the right time. I’m surrounded by 10% real people and 90% fake. I hope only the 10% would come to my grave. Awesome post again! Keep on writing!

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  3. It kind of broke my heart a little to read the ending but, unfortunately, there are people like that in the world. You did a solid job writing about them.

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