illusions, imaginations

provocative, silly sometimes

my writings

they are musings of a broken heart

painfully beautiful

evolved from relations

from a daughter, from a mother

a lover’s fascinations

my writings

they are perceptions

of a person aspiring

notions of a heart inspiring

dull at times, sometimes divine

my writings

they smile, they cry and bleed

hoping high for readers to pay heed

my writings – my life

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28 thoughts on “my Writings – my Life

  1. Inspired from your poetry, I would like to dedicate few lines to you:
    “My writings are notion of my emotions,
    They all carry inside them; a commotion,
    Weaved in thread of love; they are my words,
    And I pour them on paper with entire devotion!

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      1. You never have to! And even if you do for some reason…’ll carry these memories in your heart forever…… Always remember, ‘LOVE IS PERMANENT, REST ALL EMOTIONS ARE TEMPORARY!’ 🙂

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  2. No matter how you view your writing, I love it. Reading your lines always fills me with emotion and inspiration which makes me desperately want to work on my own poems. Thank you for the gift of your blog! 🙂

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    1. O Dear! This is so touching. And I am glad I could bring a little inspiration and emotion to you. I am thankful to you for reading my thoughts. It’s a gift from you that I value deeply.

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