Dear fantastic fellow bloggers

There is a theory behind me following you

Not just for the sake of you following me, that I follow you

I follow you, for I love to read your mind

I love your creativity, the art in your soul

I relish your ideas, that can change the world

I am amazed at your pictures, where you capture time

I take advantage from your lessons of life

I laugh merrily at your funny posts

You bring me the world on my computer screen

You help me come out of my testing times

How I feel so connected to you

How we share a fantastic relationship

And that’s my theory of following you

I am not simply following you, for you are following me

I follow you to see the world through a million eyes

your eyes

image source

28 thoughts on “mySestina theory behind following you

  1. That’s a lovely poetic introduction 🙂 I like it. You are invited to my monthly blog party which just started right now. The link is Summery blog party live link. It’s through the weekend. Do step in and let’s get this party started and mix with others. Regards, Jacqueline

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  2. I love your perspective on following Sestina! It is truly a view into the world of someone else’s mind and life that keep us going. I am sure that if we all get the same perspective as you do on following other bloggers, we all can grow and learn from each other.

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  3. That’s should be the idea behind following someone
    U follow them for the kind if content they provide . for we like to read their thought process. For the kind of information they provide and not just for the heck of it.
    Happy blogging.. And yes that’s the reason I followed u .. Ur poems give life lessons in its own way…

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