all my life, never did I fail to make wishes

tried to make friends with them

called for them to come true

made effort to make them smile



never did they bother

how dearly i felt for them

desperate to turn them to real

see how

both of us were determined


never failed to make my wishes

my Wishes

never failed to fail me

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15 thoughts on “my wishes!

  1. Did you ever wish for you and I to become friends? For if you had then your wishes would have come true. Did you wish for kind words and comfort from me. For if you had then it would have been fulfilled. Had you wished for my regard and respect then your wish would have been granted. Had you wished for three wishes I would have given you four.
    If ever you find that night has come without light being shed on you, then you will also find that day has not yet passed away and light is yet to come.
    Sincere and not austere regards – Robert.

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    1. This is something really worth Robert! Thank you for being so kind and gentle hearted. I guess, your friendship has come my way without wishing for it.. guess its better not to wish then… guess I am.learning not to be dependent upon wishes.. life…. and thank you again for showing me some light…

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