emptiness of the vase

filled by the light

with the green lamp

lit by its side

the spring is gone

there are no more flowers

the vase waited to be loved

why are there so many days in a year

long enough to keep the spring away

somehow, doesn’t matter much

they both have concluded to be together

have fallen in love

the lamp lit


the vase without flowers

21 thoughts on “the empty vase

  1. We can not blame people not loving us when always somebody comes to investigate…our hearts and our environment. Are they really good people? Maybe they are only thirsty for a new life story or rude sensation to express their ego. No love then to that kind of person…

    ….she did not know also why she bought so many things for his bunny but did not suggested him…deeply in her soul something said he had come again for mocking and gathering of malicious thoughts. Like previous time…The hatred in his soul was so deep as her love and forgiveness. Greetings from your ex bunny soulmate

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      1. The part time love is only for some people . …Love who loves you and at least knows you have a name and personality

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  2. With his left hand he was writing a beautiful poetry …with his right one bullshits and slops . Feeling proud?
    Nobody can love sneaks who never play themselves. Thanks!


      1. live your double life in lies …never feed a sneaker coming for sensations and gossips


      2. I am not able to understand the reason for your messages… If you try to see the message in the poem, what you have perceived is completely different from what the poet imagined… you are free to decide what you want to make out of things… this doesn’t change other’s perceptions…. have a good sunday


      3. thanks, i did not read it and I don`t read the stuff of people who are malicious …finished


      4. well we have our own choices… i make mine and you make yours.. i respect your choice and still want to thank you for your time… have a great day…


      5. I don`t care, I just wanted to know what kind of person were you…I know already and now I can sleep well. You are from India how ” i am from China”. The great people don`t involve themself with small stuff, take care, babe!


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