not for me not for you

today, let it be for THEM

today, let’s dedicate our will

for the ones who are not at ease

the ones who know NO comforts

they who burn their skin everyday in the sun

for a few coins to buy their children the cheapest bread

they who chose to sweat but not to beg

they build houses with all comforts for the rich

get to dream their dreams lying on hard bricks

they who clean the roads for the rest

no access to basic washrooms to themselves

they who give drives in fancy cars to the master

get to walk 20 miles to reach to work

there are millions of them out there

facing life with such tremendous courage

today, let’s salute their will

for they are powerful enough

never to give up

but to challenge life every second

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34 thoughts on “the labourers

  1. Do you know the quote, it’s ok if your born poor but not ok if you die poor, we are the creators of our own destiny.. I do feel sorry for them, but you know they can change what they are doing and have a better standard of living anytime..

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    1. yeah Sunshine.. but for most of them, the means are never presented to come out of poverty.. they still have the will to work hard and earn as they decide not to beg.. also, the good thing is they aspire their children to study and become better than them…

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  2. Very empathetic and compassionate! Poverty is very commonplace in India so much so that, I think, we have become somewhat numb to it. The human aspect of it is lost in the political cacophony.
    I’m currently reading ‘Poor Economics’. It has so livid descriptions of how poor people think and how they remain in poverty despite all the policies.

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    1. It is a sad realty.. My emphasis is on their struggle everyday, how they just keep on taking challenges and never get tired.. the good part is that now their children are going to school and they have a lot of hope from education.. it may take many years for them to achieve their place in the society.. I just want people to feel human towards them.. everyone tends to take poor for granted.. we must change this ugly mindset

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      1. Their struggle is inspiring. I think we are moving towards a better future for them but it will take a lot of time. Much more if we don’t change our mindset as you pointed out.

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      2. Its sadly ironical that we find ourselves often bargaining with a grocer or a street vendor but shop extravagantly at mrp in malls.

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      3. Thanks. She said it as blunltly as it can be put.
        And you, my dear, have an excellent memory, given the post was a month old!

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  3. Our society is incomplete without them , so their contribution deserves more Wages and privilege than they get .The omes who are sitting in their ac rooma and offices very well know that they are no where without these small and basic units of manual power so they need don’t need to do something else or find other we need to be more sensible and more giving towards them .Because infrastructure of any country will stand nowhere without them

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