still a child she was, no more than eight or nine

eyes filled with dreams, with an urge to fly

meagre means, harsh life

still, there was comfort of parents around

there came a day that brought the storm

separated by her parents, into the hands of human traffickers

a nightmare, she was to see with her open eyes

forced into the trade of sex for the rest of her life

now the world knows that child as a prostitute

a prostitute to serve many monsters a day

one after the other they assaulted her will

with no shame to cause her excruciating pain

slowly her tears had started to dry

she had to be bold, learned not to cry

she yearned for a family and a husband every moment

knowing all her wishes were in vain

she bore a child at the age of 16

still at work with her baby crying in the adjacent room

for she now had a mouth to be fed too

and they would’t let her escape this hell

she was no daughter, no sister, now wife to no one

still a human, a mother she was

no words could ever describe her sufferings

if only there was someone to take her out of the dark

the society looks down at her in a manner ridiculous

will they realize ever

she was thrown into this disgusting pit

her eyes incapable to see no dreams no more

now she is termed as a prostitute (a bitch)

and yes,

she was forced to become one

it was never her choice

my heart goes out for the sufferings of all the victims of human trafficking and sex trade

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20 thoughts on “the Prostitute

    1. I am so glad that my posts touch your heart.. these are such harsh realities of the society we need to become aware of to start to get rid of them.. prostitutes are looked upon as loose character girls.. no body realizes the pain they go through every moment… we as a better part of the society keep crying of meagre issues completely unaware of hoe many people are suffering death every moment of their lives and the worst is they don’t even have an escape to it… thanks again for your kind comments!!

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  1. You are bringing subjects that are to be discussed and created awareness. I appreciate it strongly. But, I seriously don’t know whom to blame. The only thing I can say is it is purely because of money deficiency. Money makes anyone to indulge in anything to any extent. The bitter truth!

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    1. it is a bitter truth… sometimes people fall into this trap because of money deficiency and sometimes they are just forced into it for the selfishness of others… but yes, we still need to create awareness as much as we can..

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      1. Oh yes, I totally agree. Everywhere evil foxes. What can be done! We must be aware of what we are doing, how the society is reacting to us and what’s the purpose of one’s talk.
        Thanks on the whole, a good thought for sure☺👍.
        Loads of love from Saalai Kamalathaai.

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      2. A big thanks to you my dear.. I am urging people not to hate or judge any one depending upon their means of earning bread… we may never know the true story of their pain and sufferings.. we have no right to do so as we any way are not helping them in any way..

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      3. My pleasure. Before judging someone, we must be knowing that it is our reflection to the context, than the reflection of the subject. Be wise! Stop judging! If we can’t help somebody, we dare not to speak about them. A day with good start👍☺

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