sitting, on her grave in silence

he spent COUNTLESS number of hours

somewhere deep, he was sure

not to get any answers from her

with pain immense

and a little hope in his heart

he kept whispering to her softly

to answer

to come back to him

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27 thoughts on “countless hours on her grave

  1. I do that all the time, but you know I have now realised I’m spending those countless hours not to leave his physical body alone, neglected, as if it doesn’t matter any more once it’s lifeless…i still love those eyes, those scars, the smile, all that is thereunder. I just sit there to be with them…but I don’t speak to him there, because I know that he’s no longer there, he’s in me, he’s all around me and always, I don’t need to be at the grave to feel him and to hear him. It’s just the physical that’s there and sometimes I just want to dig that mass of soil and hug his body one last time, but then I’m back to being ‘normal’ and well-behaved and aching, but still with him.

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    1. I really can understand the pain in your words.. but at the same time, I can see that you have chosen to be strong and to carry on with life and let his spirit energize your soul, fill you with his warmth, telling you that he is there watching over you.. Blessings my dear.. Amen!

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      1. Yes, that is. I think I’m done with the grief, just occasional breakdowns, rest of the time I’m fine, living the life in between two worlds and it’s beautiful. Thank you for giving food for thought and delight for the soul. Namaste

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