Don’t cry like GIRLS! 

Often boys are told this. Just one sentence that has such a heavy and dark meaning to it. Are we are telling our boys that girls are weak? Are we telling are girls that they are not strong enough?

This is such a sexist statement, that girls and boys often grow up listening to. Aren’t we not preparing our generations to become what we ourselves criticize. Telling the boys that they can man handle the girls when they want to. Assuring the girls that they always need someone to protect them.

We don’t realize but many things that we put into the minds of our children leads to changes in the society. It’s all on us how to raise them. Whether we want to nurture them with good practices or we want to lead them to a weak and filthy future.

Somewhere deep down, when we give it a thought, we understand that such statements encourage the bigger problems to come challenge us in future. The dark reality of eve teasing and rapes starts to haunt us starting from the four walls. 

I pledge not to raise my children with such sexist statements to contribute towards what little I can do for the society.

After all, it’s a matter of our children’s future!

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20 thoughts on “Don’t cry like GIRLS

  1. Crying is a way of expressing one’s emotion. It is perfectly normal for a human to cry be it a female/male/transgender person. It is not confined to only women and also it does not mean you are weak. Also psychology says that if you’ll bound your emotions specially sadness you are more likely to be in depression in your early 20s. 🙂 ps. The blog ❤

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  2. Same thing with gendered insults such as “grow some balls” or “you’re a pussy.” One insinuates strength and one conveys weakness, when really the one conveying strength is weaker than the one conveying weakness…has always bothered me.

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    1. Yes my dear… I have always failed to understand such remarks even when we call ourselves civilized. For many years children have been fed such biased ideas and without thinking the generations kept following it without questioning.. but up guess now we must stand against the same practice and try to burst the bubble…

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