i am certain

they shall miss me

when i am gone forever

what pains me is

they never valued me alive

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10 thoughts on “gone forever

      1. George Harrison wrote a song with the line “It’s the ones that we love we think so little of”. There’s truth there. While people, some not all, are busy keeping friendships alive, or obsess about work, or whatever the external influence is, too often they forget about the needs of the people closest to them. Sad.

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  1. My first reaction to this was a stab in the heart, very painful, indeed I’ve been haunted by this feeling of guilt for not being there often enough to help my friend in the time of need and loneliness, while now I always find the time to go to his grave… But I’m sure he couldn’t even imagine what a special place he had in my heart despite the fact that because of some circumstances I could not be there for him. What I mean is sometimes we would think we are not valued or are alone, but in reality we have our place in many hearts and if our life were a movie we would probably be surprised to know how much certain people think of us and care for us…perhaps it’s just us having chosen the wrong people to stand by where we don’t feel valued…maybe we should change this while we are still alive…

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    1. Yes my dear.. but sometimes it is not in our hands to do so.. Things come the way they are and we don’t seem to grasp how to handle them to our advantage to make sure we convey our heart out to our loved ones.. I am sure you are a kind soul and you must make sure to tell yourself how strong you are and how much you valued him,


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