then came the dawn

dreaming bud took a lazy yawn

stretched its arms it felt the dew

it was its moment to bloom

soft rays of the sun served a little glow

petals all announced to unfold

one after the other they all glorified

revealing divinity of a purple rose

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8 thoughts on “purple rose

      1. Nature has abundant of everything for everyone of us Just relax go out and feel ! That’s Mother Nature

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  1. I love roses and have about 30-40 bushes in my yard. My Grandmother loved them and lived in a place where they had to be watered every day because it was really hot and dry. I live in a moist and humid environment so I have a lot of rose diseases and a lot more pests to deal with than she did, but don’t have to water as often. It took me years to get the hang of it, and some years I am lazy about spraying, and others my roses win prizes at the county fair. I really love the picture you chose for this entry, but the purple, blue, lavender and yellow roses are the hardest to grow in my area. They don’t like the harsh winters. I had one blue rose that was doing really well, but the last two springs were never ending rain so it drowned it was called “Blue Ribbon” I also currently have a yellow rose bush called, “Julia Child” named after the chef. It has been around for about 5 yrs, and is doing well. The challenge of keeping them all healthy and getting them through the Winter is an awesome thing, but my love of roses keeps me connected to my Grandmother who passed away more than 20 yrs ago. This entry was beautiful.

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    1. I must say you are working very hard to keep the roses alive.. it’s so wonderful to know that you win.prize in the county fair… it must be requiring a lot of work, but I am sure it must be a beautiful feeling to see them bloom… I admire your love and the challenge to accept growing them even in tough conditions… great way to connect with your grandma.. loads of love… all the best and thanks a lot for reading and your comments…

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