you took it on a ship, a massive one

you wanted to make sure

there was no coming back for it

golden light, of the sun turned grey

as I watched you in silence sailing far away

tears birthed out of my sad eyes

making their journey through my face

they disappeared into the air

when you reached the middle of the sea

you plopped my heart mercilessly

for the monsters in the sea to feast upon…..

standing at the shore I felt sheer pain

I became hollow, my soul evaporated

is this what you are supposed to do

to someone

to whom – you meant the world


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16 thoughts on “You Plopped my Heart

  1. Can I just say each post you’re hitting it right in the feels for me? This is such a beautiful piece and one of the easiest things I could imagine and picture.

    Liked by 1 person

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