are they rich for they have wealth

are they rich for they own a lot of land

are they rich for they can buy all the comforts

are they rich for people bow to them

shall we put it the other way

are they truly rich for their money can’t buy them a smile

are they truly rich if they don’t care for the poor

are they truly rich for they spend sleepless nights

expensive mattress can’t buy them tension free sleep

shall we conclude it now

no they are not rich for the peace of mind is not sold anywhere

no they are not rich for they are never satisfied

no they are not rich for they live fake lives

i guess the rich with money are mostly poor

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29 thoughts on “are Rich truly Rich!

    1. Yes, you are right.. There is no meaning of being rich if we keep seeing people suffering and being deprived and do nothing about it.. If you have wealth, let it help others as well.. Thank you for reading..

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  1. They aren’t rich, because most of them are rich by destroying people and communities. I dont believe in that. Like the mighty Bob Marley said, ” My riches come from life” Im a firm believer in that. great post.

    If I were to become rich, I’d give a lot of my money away to help kids and my family, and parent’s nations.

    Great Post.

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    1. You have such wonderful thoughts and intentions.. I really praise your will to help others and build a strong nation with your money instead of just filling your own pockets.. True, when people become rich by making use of others, it has no meaning.. and they cant even stay happy with that kind of money. Thanks a lot for reading!

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      1. Thank you so much. It took awhile for me to come to this revelation. But I honestly never cared about money, since ive been adult. I just want enough to buy my freedom, and to have no boss.

        Thanks for the great post.

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      2. Yeah. I am sure most of the people do not like working under their bosses (except for those who have a kind one). I have seen 90% of the people cribbing about what they do.. and what they get out of it is money… and that too not too much. I truly believe that we must tell our children to choose their own path in terms of their careers and do what they feel happy to do and not something that is going to give them more money. For, even if they are successful with money, their peace of mind is gone, they just hate what they do for living.. What is the point of having such money which may feel of no use to you and to others as well… Thanks you for reading!

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  2. So true. When something is a fraud, it is the lie which shall scream out fraudulent the more by being the lie. And so it becomes for those who wish to find themselves rich by earthly assessments. A conundrum we often find self in. Leave it to Sest to provoke thought.

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