5from far, very far

that star looked tiny

it twinkled as if it was smiling

I watched it in silence

its soothing light gave me peace

I closed my eyes

Suddenly, I saw the star to travel

the tiny dot of light expanding its diameter

it was coming in my direction

in just a matter of a few seconds

it became massive

it’s heat now unbearable on my face

it wasn’t dark around me anymore

the night had turned into a bright sunny day

brighter, than I had even seen in my life

the tiny star had become the sun

as it started to burn my skin

I gasped for my breath, I was thirsty

I shook my head as I opened my eyes

 to realise

it was just a dream

and that, I was still lying under – the night sky

the same tiny star twinkled happily – far far away


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