an Awed whisper to Death

an Awed whisper to Death

he came back home just yesterday

united with his beloved wife

excited to see her belly grown to the full

tiny baby was about to come

the following morning, the phone rang

they called for him cancelling his leave

his country needed him, he was a soldier brave

the neighbor country had announced the war

with a heavy heart, he left home again

promising his wife, to be back soon enough

to welcome a new life to this world

to build his own, small beautiful world

the war had declared thousands dead

there were screams all around the border

there were unstopping explosions

his gun loaded, he faced the enemy with courage

a rain of bullets from the opposite side

just one, was enough to hit him in the chest

piercing his skin, poisoning his heart

he fell on the ground gasping for his breath

he vision went blank, only dark he could see

in that moment, he thought of his unborn baby

how eagerly his wife must be waiting

he spoke to Death in an awed whisper

begging for a little more time to live


the cruel war had swallowed his soul

he had to die

without welcoming his beloved child

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to make her mine

to make her mine

if only they had discovered a magical sphere

with a little space to fit me in

I would fasten all my seat belts carefully

for a journey to be traveled to pure my soul

to beat the light for its unbeatable speed

Yes, I would travel Back in Time

I would amend all the wrongs I have done

I would un- break the heart that I broke once

I would stop those ugly words in my throat

words that separated her from me

I would kiss her, caress her and just not stop

I am worthy of her blame

I didn’t do it when I had the chance

I would tell her, I love her a zillion times

I didn’t say it when she craved for those words

I would do everything to undo the hurt

wouldn’t let her cry those precious tears

would hold her tight, not let her go

would soothe her anxiety, soothe her soul

only if they had discovered a magical sphere

that could make me travel, back in time

I would rush to her, wouldn’t make any delay

to bring her back, to make her mine

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writings are forever

writings are forever

do I write to please me

or I write to teach me…

I guess both

is it my pain I express when I write

or is it pleasure that’s I am after

I guess both

my imagination, does it fly as I sit to write

or does it stay on the ground under my feet

I guess both

my writings, do they tickle me softly

or they push me through a storm

I guess both

am I feeble, vulnerable in my poems

or am I inspired to lead the world

I guess both

as I am starting to imagine my writing experience

I realize, the list is unending

a lifetime be less, to list it all on paper

for my writings, my experiences

have no limitations

I am rich, jubilant, a conqueror

my writings are my blood 

that flows through me

I am ultimate, a survivor

for I choose to write

until I close my eyes

never to blink them again

my writings are forever

A Fence of Hatred

A Fence of Hatred

hungry of dominance

greedy for power

the chess of politics – creating barriers

brothers made to raise their swords 

against their own brothers

parting the motherland


making her bleed, scream with pain

building a fence of hatred

dividing the country into two

ripping it off, of its richness

making the culture die

scratching its heritage

with its sharp nails of cruelty

forcing the humanity to die

the chess of politics

playing its game

leaving us shameless 


the chess of politics

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from a Little Height

from a Little Height

on the top of the mountain

as I stood and looked down

the city didn’t look the same to me

to my wonderment, it seemed another

thousands of dim lights twinkled at me

never thought it would look so different

from a distance, from a little height

all those people walked in union

the markets didn’t seem conjested anymore

the cars running, injecting life into the roads

the stunning map view of the city

made it look flawless, somehow a little fresh

I couldn’t see no hunger, no poverty

there didn’t seem to be any dirt on the streets

kids laughing, racing to catch a kite

how I felt the lost zeal coming to life

I thought to myself

the city isn’t as dull as I thought it was

it’s still full of charm that needs to be discovered

I still could find happiness there, had I endeavoured

today, I realize the lost beauty of the city

may be because I am looking at it

from a distance, from a little height

I am watching the city

from the top of the mountain

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The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth

women being slaved

poor victims of sex trade

repeatedly raped

in those small stinking rooms

beautiful curtains

elegantly hiding

the ugly truth


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She Loved Him Enough

She Loved Him Enough

how convinced was she

not to find


in his embrace

not that he wasn’t gentle

not that he wasn’t kind

he simply 

didn’t have love in store 

for her

yet she stayed

for no matter how he felt for her

she loved him enough

not to leave his side

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When my Loneliness came to Me

When my Loneliness came to Me

as I called for my loneliness

it came to me

I was speechless


not knowing how to react

I simply embraced it

we both shed a few tears

together we felt lonely again

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his sky was never enough for her

his sky was never enough for her

her glance

glued to his frame

never failing to loose his sight

in hope, she opened her arms

craved to reach out to him

her soul longed for his embrace

how so much she needed him to care

to look at her softly, just once

with a little affection in his eyes

sigh – he never turned

to face her

didn’t she know

his SKY

was never meant

for her rainbow to glow

his SKY 

was never meant for her

his sky was never enough for her

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Let’s be Humans Again

Let’s be Humans Again

aspire to grow soft wings to fly

must we keep our feet on the ground

wish to earn those coins of gold

must we not let the greed flow along

earn the power to be that warior

must we remain with a heart still gentle

if ever we feel the need to shed tears

must we not make a sound about the same

a father mus’nt forget, he’s a son as well

let us all give it a try

to build a world so beautiful

where the power supreme is humanity

let us all be humans again

let’s go back to our originality

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is She a Mother any Less

is She a Mother any Less

privileges, she got none

deprived of life

scarcity, her only bid

her face not flawless

the scent of her body

disturbing, unpleasant

in the name of luxury to her child

she only has her lap to offer

in the name of cuisines

she got bread tasteless

she is his only comfort car

in her arms

she takes him to places

every night

as she watches him sleeping

she asks herself

for her offerings meagre

the fact that she is poor

is she a mother any less

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and I know it well ! sigh !

and I know it well ! sigh !

The Only Barrier

between Me

and My Happiness

is My EGO

and I know it well

sigh !

Wow Benefits of Blogging

Wow Benefits of Blogging

Blogging is indeed inspiring. This must be true for most of us. The world is full of talented people and everyone does not get an opportunity to present their potential. People don’t call you an author or a writer unless they see your work being published. True?

It helps the following ways –

Genuine Publicity – That’s where blogging plays a crucial role. It gives a platform to an ordinary person like me to express my thoughts and present them to the world. How we get a lot of publicity for free. People genuinely follow and read your posts. “Yay! I am an author now officially. My works is published and has reached a lot of people. ” An absolutely out of this world feeling, isn’t it?

Building Relationships – How is it like to know a lot of like minded people and be fascinated with their work and to impress them with your work at the same time? We get to know each other as a person through our writing in the blogging world. It builds a strong relationship between bloggers. We follow blogs which are of our interest and hence it is to the point as well. Have you ever thought how wonderful would it be to meet our fellow bloggers with whom we exchange thoughts everyday!

Supporting a Cause –  When we feel strongly towards something, we want to voice out our opinion and it only matters if it reaches other people. It is very important to bring change in the society. It’s been said rightly that a pen is powerful than a sword. We can always try to help the society and this world with positive energy being spread around or by standing against negativity. It gives us a feeling of being a part of change to support a cause.

Emotional Support – Blogging helps on the emotional front as well. It gives us to express our pain and happiness without revealing our identity (if we may choose to). Believe me, just one nice comment from someone can lighten your mood. Sharing experiences and getting valuable comments from others helps a lot to learn and grow as a person.

Inspirational – Blogging is indeed inspirational. We get inspired by thousands of ideas floating around. Many a times, I pick up ideas to write on from my fellow blogger’s posts. Gives us perspectives that we haven’t even thought about.

Learning – Do we learn from blogging? What do we learn? Well I must say – A Lot. I tend to learn the beautiful writing style from others. I learn from their views and thoughts. I try to enhance my knowledge from their experiences. I learn from their photographs. I become a more knowledgeable and better person.

There is so much more that the blogging world has to offer us and help us in many ways. Please share your views how you think and feel free to add to the list of the benefits of blogging.


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his Tourist like Love

his Tourist like Love

She gave herself in

the whole of her in his love

every bit of her

each breath she took – was for him

only him

all her senses dedicated 

her eyes saw only – him

she only would breathe his fragrance

her touch belonged – to him

she would listen

to his music each moment

her soul given in – to him

He in turn

behaved a tourist

like he just came to visit some place

stayed for a while

relished the beauty 

traveled back home

leaving her alone

looking for a new place

to be explored 

the next vacation

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I never had a childhood

I never had a childhood

the boy on the door to deliver a parcel

looked no older than eleven years

wore a torn cap, no laces on his shoes

the buttons on his shirt, mostly missing

first he offered the package to me

and then a ledger with a pen

“would you please sign against your name Ma’am”

while I signed, I asked him how old was he

“I am not sure Ma’am, my mother never told me”

where was his mother, my heart forced me to ask

“I never saw her, she died the day I was born”

my heart broke, the ground slipped under my feet

I asked him since when he was working, doing deliveries

like a hard blow on my face his innocent answer came

“I have been working since the day I GREW UP Ma’am”

as he turned to leave he said to me in pain

“I was never a child Ma’am, I never had a childhood

that parcel is still sitting in my room unopened

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Hope of a Child in War

Hope of a Child in War

His name was Afzal, no more than seven,

A child innocent, a victim of war,

Just a few days back, I had met him,

While, covering the bombings in Afghanistan,

The sight of the blasts horrendous & scary,

With lifeless bodies, ripped off flesh,

A few of them who survived the blasts,

Ran, for a little mercy in horror,

Broken houses screamed in silence,

Small children wounded and bleeding,

Cried in the streets unattended,

There I had seen this boy with courage,

Holding a white flag in his hands,

Sitting by the side of his lifeless father,

Surprisingly, I saw no tears in his eyes,

I moved closer to hear his whispers,

“Father, your son is strong to shed no tears,

To change things for better, I am going out there,

Holding a flag of peace in my hand,

Every beat of my heart, beating in hope,

Determined to melt the hearts of those demons,

How I hope to turn them to humans,

I remember your words, they echo in my mind,

The day will come, there shall be peace,

No more pain, no one will die anymore,

No sight of bloody bodies on the roads,

Holding my flag so white and flawless,

I shall march, I shall not give up,

My hope persistent to conquer the inhuman,

For I shall not let my children to witness,

A world so wounded, chained by terrorism.”

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Metamorphosis (the Sun & the Moon)

Metamorphosis (the Sun & the Moon)

The greatest of tales as narrated by TIME

Witnessed to go beyond eternity

it’s about a journey

That started with a little warmth

A magical experience so soothing and calm

Minutes passed and then did hours

Gradually, the warmth turned Cruel to heat unbearable

Species of all kind, started to pale

The journey slowed down, even came to a halt

Life was about to declare its extinct

Glaring up to the sky with hands two folded

They decided to pray for a little mercy

It happened then – a secret miracle

The Sun metamorphosed to a Moon

Bringing a breeze to shower the life

The Orange started to turn into white

There was no heat, the journey was smooth

Life, taking its time to relish the cool

Inevitable, the cool progressed to freeze

They all had to wake up from their dream

Once more, they all decided to pray

Looked up to the sky, then closed their eyes

Their lips murmured a few words of magic

And the Moon metamorphosed to the Sun



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A Caress so Smooth

A Caress so Smooth

the glitter of lights all day long

flashing cameras all around her 

her fans, screaming in praise

singing along her performance

the fabric of her gown

smooth against her skin

beautifying her looks glorious

flawless face, shining eyes

surrounded by a million followers

towards the end as the show concludes

turning the bright to dull and dark

getting shivers to think of going home

she takes a ride with her loneliness

her hands trembled to unlock the door

no one no more waiting inside

the house is now disturbingly silent

she sinks into the couch, her eyes not blinking

holding a smiling picture of her Mother 

she gave it a caress so smooth

holding it tight against her chest

imagining mother’s gentle kiss on her forehead

she readys to cry for the rest of the night

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Loneliness in the Sky

Loneliness in the Sky

A million stars

twinkling together

spreading merry

showing delight


how lonely

could the sky become

how gloomy

the grey could ever be

it’s a secret

too deep


the Moon

can reveal

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The Fake Sun

The Fake Sun

I dare to urge the fire today

the fire that presents itself to grow

glow like a shining star in the sky

revealing the colors red, orange, yellow

I dare that fire to come out with the truth

the truth I have seen everyday of my life

why does the fire choose to settle and calm

where does it go, who it burns in the night

is it scared of the dark, is it afraid of the bats

why the burning fire changes from orange to black

I dare the fire to make me understand

what makes it change its face everyday

why the burning Sun give up its flames

why does it every night


into the Moon

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Broadening the Horizon

Broadening the Horizon

images dangling in ones head

anticipations, expectations

thoughtful observations

existence, survival

the chasing race

sitting under the tree of wisdom

counting the uncountable number of leaves

beginning to consume the limitless

everyday, with each moment passing

researching, redefining

scarcity of time refuses to permit

innumerable fields be excelled

yet, to accomplish the most

must we consider to begin

to expand

the horizon of our deeds

a tiny little drop of positivity

a tiny little drop of positivity

a tiny little drop of positivity

showered on my soul

like it was the ice melting on that mountain

the water falling endlessly

leaving me out of breath, dripping with nobility

scrubbing my heart off the unholy

did i ever imagine such influence

dominating me to my superior self

entrusting me to dispose the venom in me

leaving me speechless for the power it contains

leading me to divinity

just a tiny drop of positivity

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Eyes so passionate yet playful

Eyes so passionate yet playful

fifteen years since they were together

a long time to have made memories

memories of a lifetime

he was the man of her dreams

she was still his angel

shared laughter and smiles, even tears

agreements, disagreements all in store

they walked their path hand in hand

still in love so madly with each other

it was a day so special – their anniversary

she eagerly waited for her gift

he entered the room, a ribboned box in his hand

he hid it behind his back

excited like a child

she made a little sweet mistake

it was the moment she looked up to him

his eyes so passionate, yet playful

oh, how sensually she melted

in an instant, the gift was unimportant

she kissed him as it was their first

she hid herself in his arms

and they made love

for the rest of the night

she only could open the gift box

the following morning

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Colors of the Sky

Colors of the Sky

I stood on the top of the mountain

my arms wide open inviting the sky

its light blue color showering serenity

reflecting a glow peaceful, so calm

seeing me consuming its beauty so gently

the sky decided to tease me a little

throwing a party, it invited the clouds

changing its color from light blue to black

dark clouds smiled invited the lightening

with a flash of light tiny drops started to fall

I felt the drizzle on my face so soft

closed my eyes, my arms still wide open

I stood there hugging

pretty colors of the sky

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I am a Poem

I am a Poem

words, just a few words
simple, no tough
mesmerising, describing
worthwhile, purposeful

words of enlightenment
words of wisdom
with wings reaching high
shining like sun

sometimes intense
at time easy
read through me
breathe my beauty

with purpose, with passion
imbibe me
I am – a POEM

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