he came back home just yesterday

united with his beloved wife

excited to see her belly grown to the full

tiny baby was about to come

the following morning, the phone rang

they called for him cancelling his leave

his country needed him, he was a soldier brave

the neighbor country had announced the war

with a heavy heart, he left home again

promising his wife, to be back soon enough

to welcome a new life to this world

to build his own, small beautiful world

the war had declared thousands dead

there were screams all around the border

there were unstopping explosions

his gun loaded, he faced the enemy with courage

a rain of bullets from the opposite side

just one, was enough to hit him in the chest

piercing his skin, poisoning his heart

he fell on the ground gasping for his breath

he vision went blank, only dark he could see

in that moment, he thought of his unborn baby

how eagerly his wife must be waiting

he spoke to Death in an awed whisper

begging for a little more time to live


the cruel war had swallowed his soul

he had to die

without welcoming his beloved child

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23 thoughts on “an Awed whisper to Death

  1. Love the post but I’m not young and that is my excuse. Thus, I’m not the target audience, I’m riding a wind of change today and would love some justifications !

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Every person who is against war and who is in favor of peace is the target audience… in fact its for others as well to let them.know how painful a war is… it never helps humans in any form.. hence, you surely are most welcome to read this post…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. War ain’t pain full instead it is full of sacrifices! Me, you and everyone else are in debt to soldiers guarding the borders!

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