aspire to grow soft wings to fly

must we keep our feet on the ground

wish to earn those coins of gold

must we not let the greed flow along

earn the power to be that warior

must we remain with a heart still gentle

if ever we feel the need to shed tears

must we not make a sound about the same

a father mus’nt forget, he’s a son as well

let us all give it a try

to build a world so beautiful

where the power supreme is humanity

let us all be humans again

let’s go back to our originality

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#poetry #humanity

27 thoughts on “Let’s be Humans Again

    1. That is indeed a great initiative.. only a mother can explain the pain of loosing her son.. I wish, there is no need of war at all so that no one needs to loose valuable lives. Thanks a lot for sharing..

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  1. Let’s be humans again… I love this piece… It leaves one with the question… What is it that is going wrong that makes us really not humans in the extent of wanting to come back to our prior position

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