I dare to urge the fire today

the fire that presents itself to grow

glow like a shining star in the sky

revealing the colors red, orange, yellow

I dare that fire to come out with the truth

the truth I have seen everyday of my life

why does the fire choose to settle and calm

where does it go, who it burns in the night

is it scared of the dark, is it afraid of the bats

why the burning fire changes from orange to black

I dare the fire to make me understand

what makes it change its face everyday

why the burning Sun give up its flames

why does it every night


into the Moon

image source

21 thoughts on “The Fake Sun

  1. Oh you are silly – it’s not the sun that transforms into the moon – it’s the moon the transforms into the sun! And aren’t we all glad that it does so, for how else would be warm and gay with such beauty to surround us in our daily rounds! Ah, lovely moon – thank you for transforming into the moon to become our boon and bounty. 🙂
    Hello Jyoti – how are you, my dear?

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      1. Ah, but did you see how close my tongue was to my cheek as I said that? I was totally joking because we were both saying exactly the same thing. Kind of. 🙂
        I have unlimited respect and regard for you, Jyoti. You are my very own sister and I will never think you to be silly (unless in jest).
        Keep smiling – Robert. 🙂

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  2. Throughout the poem I was wondering where you’re going with this and then the last line brought it all together. Its lovely! Your thoughts are great and the way you turn them into a poem is even greater 😊💗

    – Michelle

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  3. I am infatuated by the sky sun and the moon. This just makes me love it even more. The sun transforming into the moon wh ed n night comes. That is a very beautiful thing to imagine lovely

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