Blogging is indeed inspiring. This must be true for most of us. The world is full of talented people and everyone does not get an opportunity to present their potential. People don’t call you an author or a writer unless they see your work being published. True?

It helps the following ways –

Genuine Publicity – That’s where blogging plays a crucial role. It gives a platform to an ordinary person like me to express my thoughts and present them to the world. How we get a lot of publicity for free. People genuinely follow and read your posts. “Yay! I am an author now officially. My works is published and has reached a lot of people. ” An absolutely out of this world feeling, isn’t it?

Building Relationships – How is it like to know a lot of like minded people and be fascinated with their work and to impress them with your work at the same time? We get to know each other as a person through our writing in the blogging world. It builds a strong relationship between bloggers. We follow blogs which are of our interest and hence it is to the point as well. Have you ever thought how wonderful would it be to meet our fellow bloggers with whom we exchange thoughts everyday!

Supporting a Cause –  When we feel strongly towards something, we want to voice out our opinion and it only matters if it reaches other people. It is very important to bring change in the society. It’s been said rightly that a pen is powerful than a sword. We can always try to help the society and this world with positive energy being spread around or by standing against negativity. It gives us a feeling of being a part of change to support a cause.

Emotional Support – Blogging helps on the emotional front as well. It gives us to express our pain and happiness without revealing our identity (if we may choose to). Believe me, just one nice comment from someone can lighten your mood. Sharing experiences and getting valuable comments from others helps a lot to learn and grow as a person.

Inspirational – Blogging is indeed inspirational. We get inspired by thousands of ideas floating around. Many a times, I pick up ideas to write on from my fellow blogger’s posts. Gives us perspectives that we haven’t even thought about.

Learning – Do we learn from blogging? What do we learn? Well I must say – A Lot. I tend to learn the beautiful writing style from others. I learn from their views and thoughts. I try to enhance my knowledge from their experiences. I learn from their photographs. I become a more knowledgeable and better person.

There is so much more that the blogging world has to offer us and help us in many ways. Please share your views how you think and feel free to add to the list of the benefits of blogging.


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44 thoughts on “Wow Benefits of Blogging

  1. It’s been 2 months of blogging for me, and I’ve learned so much and faster than I could ever imagine. All thanks to the blogging community, the fellow bloggers consciously or not ;p pouring their hearts, souls and minds in here. Couldn’t be more happy and thankful. 😀

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  2. Absolutely true. ! Even i was forced by one of my friend to join WordPress some months ago and still i don’t count myself as blogger because i don’t post my stuff regularly but i have found many people here with great writing skills and knowledge and i love to read here. So it becomes a learning platform for me which also inspires me a lot to do some efforts to express my tangled thoughts in words.

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