do I write to please me

or I write to teach me…

I guess both

is it my pain I express when I write

or is it pleasure that’s I am after

I guess both

my imagination, does it fly as I sit to write

or does it stay on the ground under my feet

I guess both

my writings, do they tickle me softly

or they push me through a storm

I guess both

am I feeble, vulnerable in my poems

or am I inspired to lead the world

I guess both

as I am starting to imagine my writing experience

I realize, the list is unending

a lifetime be less, to list it all on paper

for my writings, my experiences

have no limitations

I am rich, jubilant, a conqueror

my writings are my blood 

that flows through me

I am ultimate, a survivor

for I choose to write

until I close my eyes

never to blink them again

my writings are forever

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